Welcome to our collection of glamping holiday parks throughout the UK. So what is glamping?

Put 'glamour' and 'camping' together and thats it! No more messing around putting up tents and getting blown away or washed out. Glamping  takes camping to the next level  providing a range of styles and levels of comfort to suit every budget and taste. From basic pods  to 5* luxury treehouses ,  you will be spoilt for choice. Whilst the word 'glamping' is relatively new, the concept has been around for nearly a 1000 years. The Mongolian tribes in the 1100s used yurts as shelters whilst the modern day safari tents are thought to have first been used as dwellings in the Arabian Peninsula.

Whatever glamping holiday option you choose, you can be certain that you will get the freedom and  flexibility to do what you want, when you want  allowing you to explore the local area at your own pace.


Arctic Treehouse   Sky Glamping    
arctic treehouse   sky glamping pods    


Across the UK and Europe there are many different types of glamping accommodation including....

Sky Glamping

First introcued in Spain, this novel concept of glamping is taking your holiday experience to a new level. 


The modern concept of a yurt dates backs thousands of years to the nomadic tribes in Central Asia. In Kyrgyzstan around the neighbouring mountainous regions, the yurt is still in used as the main family dwelling providing shelter and safety whilst letting you experience nature and the surrounding natural beauty. This is exactly what the modern day yurts try and replicate but with the added benefits of 21st century technology. 

Safari Tents

As the name suggests, safari (meaning 'journey' in Swahili) tents originated in Africa and were used as temporary accommodation when travelling. In the 1900s, when wealthly Europenas and Americans started to tour Africa, they wanted their own comforts with them and so the luxury nature of the safari tents developed. Todays safari tents range from basic structures to pure luxury with every home comfort you could possibly want.


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